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Hagamonstrosity. Large, butt-ugly, towering, lakefront resort in Coeurdifornia, Idaho, Also knows as the Evil Empire by the rapidly dwindling local population (aren't rich enough to stay). While you're at the Hagamonstrosity, don't miss the outrageously expensive restaurant on the top floor for a taste of affectation and some of the weirdest - um, I mean, artfully arranged - looking food you've ever seen. Locals remember when the beach was accessible to the public (before the paid parking lot was put in). They were promised (in exchange for the loss of the beach) that they could use the boardwalk - which they can, except when it's closed off so the Evil Empire can promote it's business enterprises. Uglification continues with new structures being built even as I type. Gives to the community under the guise of doing good work when actually it's just PR.
You just can't miss the Hagamonstrosity when you're in Coeurdifornia, Idaho!
by Disgruntled Idahoan August 04, 2007
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