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(n.) 1. an Asian deity that occasionally takes human form. While in human form, this deity is a merry-day prankster that walks the street saying, "Merry Christmas Kimchi," bowing and nodding to all who pass.

2. something that smells slightly like vinegar and industrial machinery used in coal mines.

(v.) to make love with gray mini-wolves while wearing traditional Korean dress. and holding a flaming sceptre.
n.) 1. "Oh my god! Hide! The Haelim has entered Arkansas.

2. Ugh, what's that smell?! Did a Haelim die in the air ducts?

(v.) I went to Home Depot, and I really had to restrain myself from making Haelim love with the mini-wolf working there.
by Winspoo2 May 04, 2009
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