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A female that begins off quiet ands shy infront of everyone but once you crack the nutshell they explode with crazy, weird and random things. An energetic flower bursting full of hopes and dreams and is a load of jokes. But they can have very bad temper problems don't judge them by their looks because you shouldn't get on their bad side. They enjoy love and hugs and are the meaning of beauty and a field of flowers.
Hadiqa you are looking most amazing today.
by Street Kid 107 August 12, 2011
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Hadiqa comes from the arabic word meaning garden. Hadiqa is a beautiful, funny and amazing girl with one of the best personalities. She has pretty small eyes with an adorable smile but the weirdest of laughs. Hadiqa is a girl many boys tend to like, get feelings over and in some cases, fall in love with. If a boy ends up liking her it creates issues between his friends as they usually like her too. Also, boys fight over her as she truly is a precious gem. However, she is someone who people tend to use and break. Most of the people who come into her life and promise to stand aside her, eventually break their promises and leave her heart broken. She faces many problems throughout her life but still manages to keep a beautiful smile upon her face and keep others happy. Hadiqa tends to have trust issues so if she opens up to you, you must be special. Boys find her beautiful, funny, cute and perfect whereas girls tend to envy her and and find her slutty generally due to jealousy. If you do end up being hadiqa's boyfriend, your one lucky shit and you should be grateful to be with such a loyal girl as shes one of a kind!😉
Boy1: Aah shit i think im starting to fall in love with hadiqa!
Boy2: Well i cant blame u akh she truly is amazingly perfect. Infact, i think i like her too.
Boy1: No way man! Come we have a fight over her.
Boy2: Comeeee fam!

Girl1: Ugh look who it is! Hadiqa the bitch.
Girl2: Ew slag alert!
Girl1: I dont understand how she gets all the boys like wtaf!
by YourMumXoXo April 03, 2015
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