British informal,

1. To be conned/tricked/ripped off,

2. To have something stolen,
3. The act of sexual intercourse,
(also to "Have Off", present tense)
1. "This product is fake, I've been had off"
2. "I left my bike outside, and the guy had off with it"
3. "He's had it off with my wife, but I've been having it off with his"
by OneTimePad April 20, 2018
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To be beaten usually in an argument which involves comebacks.
To be made a fool of
Jerk - "Yo mommas so fat..."
*No laughs*
Cool guy - "Fuck you bitch!"
Cool guys friend - "You just got had off Jerk!"
by Callum S June 24, 2008
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To have something taken without your permssion and without intent to return in.

"Tony's car got had off last night"
"Someone broke into my house, my TV got had off"
Had off, stolen
by Sha101 August 6, 2009
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