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Someone who is the tall thin guy in the neighbourhood. They usually have long hair and glasses with xbothum disease- this being massive thumbs from playing xbox and other consoles for excessive lengths of time. They also like to pretend to be drunk and fantasise about their mothers.
Damn, you dont wanna be like that hackseig ova there!
by Daniel Moffat (maybe) January 31, 2005
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Latin name Thorpus Johnificus, these organisms favour a dark moist environment and feed on the defeat of other XBOX live players. If the hackseig does not get this nourishment, he dies of shame. This species is characterised by being the only mammal with no female of the species.
The hackseig stalks its prey in the jungles of FORZA.
by Andy Sinclair (maybe) June 23, 2005
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