Hack the Gibson, is a phrase which originated from the movie Hackers, and is generaly used either with some degree of compliment to another person, or as a sarcastic term directed at those who request the steriotypical 'How to Hack' posts, usually an unskilled, unwilling to learn 'script kiddie'.
Positive: Man, that server was so locked down that it was like trying to Hack the Gibson.

Script Kiddie: I wan7 70 b3 a 1337 h4x0r!11!! S0M3ONE T34CH ME TO HAX0R PLS!!111!!!

Real Hacker: Start by trying to Hack the Gibson.
by positron August 31, 2006
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The process of using a home computer (PC) and internet connection to infiltrate and copy the information (mainly garbage files) found in a supercomputer (or a Gibson) to a floppy diskette.
"If you want a seriously righteous hack, you should score one of those Gibsons..."


Despite his expert hacking finesse, Ryan's attempts to hack the Gibson were thwarted as his connection was traced and the FBI charged into his home and arrested him. Garbage files were safely copied.
by FlameingSink October 14, 2003
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A term used by married computer geeks to describe masturbation.
Originally taken from the film 'Hackers' in which a supposed hacker obtains vital information while hacking the garbage file on a 'Gibson' supercomputer.
Extrapolated from its original meaning, due to the fact that most married computer geeks hide their porn stash in seemingly innocuous locations on their hard drives -such as fake, or garbage files- to prevent detection from their less computer literate spouses.
Geek1: "Dude, want to come over and watch the new episodes of Doctor Who?"

Geek2: "Nah, man -the wife's out of town for the weekend... I'm going to stay home and 'Hack the Gibson'...."
by drive-in couch May 22, 2010
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In Dystopia, A HL2 mod, hacking the Gibson means hacking the most imortant hacking terminal.
The red team said "hack the gibson" so they did, the core shields went down and the blue team lost.
by LinkBOX September 17, 2005
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Eg. Me fucking your doberman would be to Hack the Gibson.
by Sam Bannister October 5, 2006
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to use xtreme 1337 tactics to exploit the system by any means necessary to fight the man and achieve ownage the primary goal or gibson.

originated from the 1995 movie HaCKeRz starring Angelina Jolie and Matthew Lilard and some other guy who basically never made anymore movies.
Yo we infiltrated security headquarters at the king of prussia mall and totally hacked the gibson. its like you know the gibson was the guards' headquarters and we like, surpassed that' we...hacked it we foughht the man and hacked the gibson. yEAH YEAH!!!!
by 1337 h4x 4 lif3 March 11, 2005
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