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Like a haberdashery, but for badasses. Rathers than bowties and cufflinks, a habadassery sells leather jackets and explosions.

Currency in a habadassery usually takes the form of flying kicks, boners, and bullets to the face.

It is a little known fact that habadasserii (the plural spelling) actually existed before haberdasheries. Haberdasheries were created to cater for young men with more money than cojones, hoping to earn valuable street credits from fine tailoring rather than rough fisticuffs. Now the art of the habadasser is largely forgotten, and truly kick-ass explosions are hard to come by.
Foolish male: I need to go shopping for some dandy new clothes. Would you care to accompany me to the nearest haberdashery?

REAL MAN: What the hell? Shuck that jive!
I'm not shopping with you coz I'm not your wife!
Especially not in a gorram haberdashery,
My balls care not for such exotic finery.
Real men don't shop, non-stop they BUY.
And they only buy from habadasserii.
Also they intentionally rhyme, all the time.

Foolish male: That was quite a funky little song. Habadasserii?

REAL MAN: Its the plural of habadassery. Like octopii.
by Blaah Blaah April 06, 2010
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