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1. a girl who loves the world and everyone in it. she knows what she wants and where she's going. she loves adventures and trying new things. men love her because of her beautiful face and sweet charm. she is optimistic, loves life, and is always happy. she knows how to cheer you up when you are down.

2. this word mean a really pretty girl that falls in love with guys that are sweet and cute with pretty eyes.

3. the best person you'll ever meet, not a slut or a hoe, but a gorgeous human being. well loved by many, feared by tons! she is positively gorgeous, FEAR HER

4. the bestest friend anyone could have.
someone that you have known for a long time. a best friend!
1. you need a Haania in your life

2. hey girl dont be a Haania when you meet that guy.

3. person 1: Hey did you hear about Sara
person 2: Shit yeah I did man I'm fucking scared of her
person 3: yeah man she's fucking smokin!

4. yep, that's my haania over there. haha
by rockon2121 April 21, 2011
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