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Virgin, dumbass, Račan, 20 IQ
When you have bad day and you fuck up everything that means you "zhaššiť" it. Haššo
by Braxatoris October 23, 2018
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Traditionally a Greek last name meaning Stupid. Ironically normally the last name is associated with young, beautiful and intelligent women.
1. "Did you see that girl?"
2. "Her last name is Hassos."
1. "No kidding!"
3. "Is that Malisa?"

2. "Hassos!"
by llebpmac June 12, 2018
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A very charming man. So charming that you forget to question his credibility. You will listen to his lies and you will never get the full truth. When you look into his baby blue eyes you see a man who could be amazing. You also see a lost little boy. How he ends up is entirely up to him. Don’t wait around for him to change though, it won’t happen.
Dude you’re being a Hasso right now, man up and tell the truth! Maybe lay off the booze too..

You can tell that’s a Hasso, he hasn’t left the black jack table in over 20 hrs.

He’s just like Hasso, you love him and you hate him at the same damn time.
by SomebodyElse7 November 12, 2018
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