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Polish abbreviation for "cock up the police ass" - used mainly by dumb polish gansta-rap-wannabies.
"I am a dumb dickhead, I wanna be gangsta and just wrote HWDP on the wall."
by Zee Kat November 20, 2003
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Canadian metal band, sonical equivalent of thermonuclear bomb formed by demented human being called Devin Townsend. Each of their CDs is almost constant stream of musical detonations. Essence of metal energy, deprived of all fancy ideologies and unnecesary musical sophistication, just drilllike riffs, lightning fast drumming by Gene "Atomic Clock" Hoglan and insane vocals and anger done by Devin himself. Band created as a heavy metal parody becomes much more crushing and emotional engaging than most of dark-n3kr0-and-whatnot tr00 metal bands. If you like music which sounds like nice melodies burned under thick layer of industrial noises, barbed wire and few tons of nails + ultrafast drumming and exquisite vocals - try SYL.
Just listen to the "City" album.
by Zee Kat December 31, 2005
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