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HWBH stands for Hoes will be Hoes, its a play on the popular phrase Boys will be boys. You know the girls we're talking about, shes whorish to say the least, dresses like a hoe, talks like a hoe, even accepts payment like a hoe. She loves dick, but denies being a hoe, claiming to be 'hard to get'

Girls who exemplify the phrase HWBH are most likely to clown your ass in front of your boys.

Dont be mistaken though, HWBH isn't something you call a girl (hoe), its what you exclaim in a situation where you just have to admit that no wrongdoing has been done onto you because after all... She a hoe and you should have expected this.
BIRD: Yo Bro its the first nice day of spring, all these girls are dressin like they want dick


BRO: I cannot believe she fucked that dude for hours in the room next to me like 5 hours after we made out and she said she was hard to get, i heard them the whole time and then in the morning when she needed me to drive her home, she acted like nothing happened...

by UPBRO April 26, 2011
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