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Hard Ta Kill
A New York gang formed in the streets of Brooklyn in the '80's.
The gang is based on the ideas of trust, loyality, and honor. HTAK believes without honor you have nothing. Without trust in your family life is shit. Loyalty to your family is what you have when you have trust. The gang believes in respecting your family and friends. If disrespected, the gang enforces "SOS" (Stomp On Sight).
HTAK enforces SOS to many things, disrespect, when members break the trust or loyalty of other members, and when a women is disrespected.
HTAK members stand up for their views, even if it means a fight. To date there are HTAK chapters all over New York and has just expanded to Arizona. There are only a few hundred members, to be an accepted member is a high honor. Due to the violent views of HTAK, women members are scarce.
damn that guy just faced an SOS HTAK style!!!
by swardshtak February 21, 2009
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