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High Pitched Virginal Quif (High-Picht-Virginal-Kweef):

1) A build up of air expelled by a tight virgin resulting in a high pitched squeal. Reminiscent of the sound air makes from a balloon that has the opening pinched.

2) An expression used when LMFAO or QMFO is not sufficient to describe the immense amount of excitement/suprise created by a situation or person.
Scotty: What the fuck is that sound? An Ambulance Siren

Cody: No I just HPVQ'd! Sorry dude, i'm really embarassed.

Cody: This guy i picked up last night at the meat works had a 15inch cock that split me like nobody's business.

Scotty: HPVQ!!!!!!!
by QQASSEQ March 20, 2010
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