This is an acronym for High Orbit Ion Cannon, a Distributed Denial-of-Service client. It seems to be an "upgraded" version of its low orbiting variant, the LOIC

The author is anonymous, an internet group promoting freedom of speech on the internet.

The tool was known to be created in regards to the infamous "wikileaks" attacks, also known as "spreading Derpes", the denial of service attacks to different payment processors denying wikileaks donations were vast and very organized.

Used mainly in Operation Leakspin

The tool is for testing purposes only, therefore the creator, who remained anonymous was not liable of any misuse, as seen in his/her disclaimer.

The high orbit ion cannon has the following features:
- High-speed multi-threaded HTTP Flood
- Simultaenously flood up to 256 websites at once
- Built in scripting system to allow the deployment of 'boosters', scripts designed to thwart DDoS counter measures and increase DoS output.
- Easy to use interface
- Can be ported over to Linux/Mac with a few bug fixes (I do not have either systems so I do
- Ability to select the number of threads in an ongoing attack
- Ability to throttle attacks individually with three settings: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH
AnonHQ: "Ready up the Lazarz. "
Anons: "Low Orbit or High?"
AnonHQ: "We're hitting them big this time, prepare the HOIC"
Anons: "High Orbit it is."
Anons: "Attack Initiated."
AnonHQ: "Target Confirmed Down. Period of time to keep down: 24hours."

*24 hours later*

AnonHQ: "Cease Attacks. No lonewolfs."
Anons: "Roger That. All Attacks Have Ceased."
by December 11, 2010
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A mistyping of the word choice that also means allegra is the shiz. and taylor likes two bananas.
I don't have a hoice.
-What? you like two bananas?
by Taylorisawesome April 15, 2009
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