A Beautiful young smart women, Who Puts the needs of others before Hers. But has a dark side to her that only people she love Knows.
Young loving hot P.Y.T Hodman
by DarkHorse22 December 27, 2013
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Hodman is a smart,kind and loving women who is down to earth but let me remind u do not mess with Hodman she can be chill but don't take advantage of her because she's really scary once she's mad, Hodman is wifey material she doesn't care about How her significant other looks she only cares about the heart do not ever separate Hodman from her family, her family means so much to her, Hodman seems like someone who could become famous and make a difference in the world
Guy 1: "Yo u see that girl over there"
Guy 2: "yeah that's a Hodman,very special"
by Jikkiemoon24 October 31, 2017
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bruh wtf kinda name is this. a female hood man they'll rob you be careful
oh shit it's a hodman let's run
by whatsotouscoup July 13, 2019
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