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Stands for the "Human Netflix and Chill Virus". It's a unique disease that occurs only when having sex with someone while having Netflix in the background. The Netflix movie releases particles into your sex hormones in your body which causes you to just want more of it. Fortunately, if you were to engage intercourse with someone with this disease, it cannot be passed on unless if Netflix is in the background. And 99.420% of the time, they'll do everything they can to get Netflix in the background. Some side effect may include the following:
- Forcing your sex organisms in your body to want even more sex even against your will. This means that you end up doing Netflix and Chill at least 10 times a day.
- Attacks your immune system, which does nothing because it gives you immunity to every disease including HIV, HPV, and herpes. You also never age.
- A never-ending boner
- Creates a sent that wires the brains of girls to pursue you within a 4 mile radius

This can only happen by watching Netflix and engaging intercourse with Netflix in the background. Watching any similar software while having intercourse is a solution to prevent the STD. Watching Netflix without intercourse is another way to avoid this STD. Once you have it, it cannot be cured. We've tested every single element combination from the periodic table ever possible and not one of them cures HNCV.
Boy: "Let's Netflix and Chill!"
Girl: "But we might get the hncv virus"
Boy: "Pfffff. That's a myth, lets do it"
Girl: "As long as you say so :)"
*1 hour, 45 minutes later, another girl starts knocking the door for some.
*Boy lets her in to join the action.
*The event becomes endless.
by Well now you know. October 27, 2015
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