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A distinctive feature of a person abusing some sort of performance enhancing drug in which their head literally is disproportionate to the rest of their body. Essentially their jawline and foreheads are essentially twice the size of a normal person or to the scale of their own bodies. There have been cases where subjects' jaws actually break in their sleep because of the over modifications to the jawbone from the drugs they are doing. Throw a little fake tan or bronzer on their face and you have the typical Jersey Shore/ Westchester County/ Staten Island/ Long Island guido riff raff.
Dude 1- Mother of God, HGH Head looks like he's about to drop dead any day now from some weird cancer or a heart attack.

Dude 2- He looks like he has a mutated giant tomato between his shoulders. That guy is saucing hard!

HGH {head guido {strong island Staten Island cancer jaw Westchester County mutant Jersey shore
by Furiosa the Accursed June 05, 2016
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