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Hakdochromatosis is the accumulation of excess rage in the body. The disease permiates the
cortex of the mind and gives the patient a focused rage towards HAKD. Anything HAKD,
automatically gets the patients rage. Hakdochromatosis is not genetic, but the result of
regular pwnage by HAKD guild members
Early symtoms of the disease are nonspecific, but usually when the patient hears stories
about HAKD from other sources, and begins to believe what he hears. Persistance believe in
HAKD rumors leads to advanced stages, which can include 'HULKING OUT', 'FORUM RAGE',
'GANKING' and other rage induced acts.

Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent the serious complications of Hakdochromatosis.
Treatments include getting a better template, crafting better weapons and armor, and finding a better guild to play in. Studies show that patients that improve their PVP abilites don't get PWND as often, and have less rage in their system.
by Unknown warrior January 19, 2005
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