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Hell if I know!

The term originates from the title of Season 1, Episode 4 of the TV show Defying Gravity. As explained in the show, it can be used to appear as though you're giving a technical explanation when in fact you don't know. If someone familiar with the term hears it, it can be considered a request to help explain without embarrassing the original speaker.
Boss: Can you explain to me why the program isn't working?
Worker: It seems to be an H2IK issue.
Co-worker: Didn't you say earlier that it was the hard drive getting full that you thought was causing the H2IK issue?
Worker: Yeah, I was just going to double-check on that before I do anything else. Should be fixed in a few minutes.
by RobinHood70 September 11, 2009
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Hell do I know, commonly used in an answer to signal a friend to help.
Teacher: "John, can you explain what Edison is famous for?"
John: "Well.....Edison was known for his use of the H2IK in his development of....."
Tim: -raises hand- "Teacher, didn't Edison use that to develop the lightbulb?"
by laxman12 August 17, 2009
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