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H.O.M.P is an abbreviation for the term “Hop Off My P*ssy.”

Girls usually use this abbreviation to tell anyone, really, to “F*ck off.”
Person (man): Yo, you hot as hell.

Girl (me): H.O.M.P
Person (man): Oh wow, ok. I see how it is.
by urdadisles July 07, 2018
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Synonymous to rip or romp. This action verb can be exchanged for any generic act of doing.
I definitely homped that test earlier Jimbo.
by Rippist March 04, 2017
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The American version of "Chav".

Someone who dresses in expensive trendy clothing in order to convey the illusion of wealth despite being a poor student.

They tend to be annoying, stupid, and elitist.
"There was this guy in my karate class with a $600 dollar fubu duffel who was trying to give kicking advice to the teacher. What a fucking homp!"
by Rambozo September 11, 2004
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Sometimes used to imply the act of sexual intercourse, similar to hump. Appears to be occasionally used to imply the woman, instead of the man, is making the movement.
He looked so hot and hard she really wanted to homp him there and then.
by tHatDudeUK January 11, 2005
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