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Anchor vs Nepenthe&Lunarium&Bees
Hızın tanımı icin bkz. watch?v=B9dSztE64dI
by ehehehe3 November 20, 2019
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Oh youre just being alive? I’m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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the act of playing halo

originates from hizzle
xIIIReaperIIIx: Hiz tonight?

Agent J Money: Worbs, I'll bring the brugens.
by AgentJMoney June 16, 2008
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A female. Probably one you have no respect for.
Comes from Snoop-talk. Hoe -> Hizoe -> Hiz.
Homie 1: "Fuck that girl, go find yourself another hiz."
Homie 2: "Yeah, lots of other bitches out there."
by UrFuckinDaddy April 02, 2006
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A pompous borsch eating fish. Hiz fish are huge they have a hard scaly exterior. However, their inner body is soft and if punctured they can perish. The Hiz fish lives in the dark depths of the ocean. The reason for this is because he is blinded by the light .Hiz are very aggressive among their own species. If 2 or more Hiz are in the same area a fight will ensue. A typical fight between Hiz is verbal, both will make the sound "sheeeeeeeeeeeet" until one is so annoyed it swims away in shame. Hiz have very short lifespans and live to piss and shit.
by eckmeckleck January 13, 2012
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