Pronounced "Hugh" as in "Hugh Grant", and is most commonly used as either an expression of:

1. Extreme dissatisfaction, despair; or
2. Extreme happiness, pleasure, joy.

Use of vocal tone is key to making clear your use of the word, as a happy, excited tone would indicate the use of the word under definition number 2, and use of a sad, despairing tone would indicate use of definition number 1.

Is generally accompanied by slamming the side of your right fist into the open palm of your left hand while saying the word. Is often used simply as something to say.

Origins date back to early 2006 in a Canada-based quick-lube shop in which the technicians, who despised their jobs so greatly, went partially insane and began spouting random gibberish, including "H'Yoo". Shortly thereafter it was defined by the same technicians.
Negative: "I'm dissatisfied with my current financial situation! H'Yooooo...."

Positive: "I just won twenty million dollars playing the lottery! H'Yoo!!!!!"
by Sproo December 1, 2006
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