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A person that posts pictures "selfies" at the gym all the time and never actually works out. If they do pick up a weight its extremely rare like a unicorn. Often the only thing you see them working out is their fingers on their phone. They are the person that gives you dirty looks when you ask to use the equipment they are sitting on for their photo shoot.

Gym unicorns always talk about how fit they are and to check out their gains when there is nothing to check but their ego.

Expect these women to have perfect hair and makeup on.
Don't worry about the gym unicorn. Despite being here, its just a social media ploy to make her look good.

Uhhh she's such a gym unicorn, all she does is take selfies and brag about her non existent gains
by CurlsForTheGurls_HammerTime January 24, 2017
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