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A beautiful muscular man you see at the gym. He makes your heart rate quicken, your blood boil and gives the perfect motivation for working out. Watching him might also teach you a few new workouts. Because you and he have the same schedule and same routine, you develop a casual relationship in your head.

But never talk to him. This will shatter your hollow crush and thus lessen your motivation. He has nothing interesting to say. His fridge is full of protein powder and milk. His only conversation topics surround the gym, how often you workout and critiquing your posture.
A: "Hey, I'm heading over to the free weights"
B: "Isn't that your Gym Boyfriend over there?"
A: "Oh you know it, swoon! Maybe he'll grunt in my direction"
B: "Well, aren't you ever going to talk to him? Ask him out?"
A: "What? And shatter this perfect illusion?"
by Quixotic_K March 26, 2009
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The guy that is you boy at the gym. Generally helpful and charming. Gym boyfriend has no jurisdiction outside of the gym.
X: 'Monica is paranoid her husband will come to the gym. She doesn't want him to meet her gym boyfriend.'

Y: 'Toooo right, what happens at the gym, stays at the gym.'
by noneisthenumber April 09, 2015
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