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Gwynith is a beautiful person, who is smart, kind, and unique. She may be a little self-centered at times, but it's all good once you get to know her. She is usually highly comedic and can't take things seriously too often. She tends to have dark hair and dark, yet calming and beautiful, eyes. She can lighten up someone's day in a snap. The only downside is that she tends to be self-conscious and depressed. Also she tends to be a very bad liar, which could come in handy for you if you ever meet a Gwynith.
Friend: hey do you know that amazingly talented and funny girl?
Me: oh you mean Gwynith?
Friend: that's the one!
by Child Snacher September 12, 2019
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dumb bitch who falls for guys who use her and end up fucking her over. often ugly as shit
Damn she's such a Gwynith
by Emily Harris December 15, 2017
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