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An all-girl's Catholic school in Lower Gwynedd, PA. Where girls learn mercy charisms and how to become strong, independent women. Contrary to what some may say, Gwynedd's girls are intelligent, caring, friendly, and lovely in every way. Gwynedd girls are also well-rounded, respectful and kind. Everyone is accepted for who they are at GMA. Teachers are caring and intelligent people who want the best for their students. Gwynedd girls are compassionate and will always stick up for each other no matter what, and help another girl when she needs it.
Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School girl Amy: "Hey, Kristen, are you okay? You seem a little sad..."
Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School girl Kristen: "Yeah, I've been having some problems lately. My aunt's in the hospital. She has a really serious health problem and the doctors aren't sure if she'll live. It's really upsetting me... She's my favorite aunt...."
Amy: "Awww, I'm so sorry! I'll pray for her. I hope she gets better.... Maybe we can visit her and cheer her up. She'll need support. And I'll always be here for you, remember that. You can always talk to me."
Kristen: "Thank you so much, Amy. You're such a great friend."

*Note: This situation did not actually happen. This is a made-up example just for Urban Dictionary. Names do not apply to any specific student in the school.
by C. E. K. April 25, 2010
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