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Gwashism (or in slang terms 'Gwash') is a somewhat polytheistic religion based on the concept that most of the worlds problems come from religion.

The teachings of Gwash state that all humans should treat each other equally regardless of skin color, sexuality, or even religion.

Gwashism is often debated whether its a group or a religion, considering that people who do convert to Gwashism are asked politely to keep their belief in their deity (if they have a belief in a god at all) to themselves in order to avoid conflict. With Gwash you have the freedom to believe in any god you want, or even not believe in one, and practice any other religion you want.

Gwashism is mainly about being able to communicate fairly with all other people and learning to accept the fact that everyone has a different opinion and sometimes they won't agree.
1.) Jon: Ugh. I just can't fit in.

Mary: You should get into Gwashism then.

2.) Randy: My religion is Christianity! Gays are bad! God is good!

Mark: Well my religion is Gwashism, everyone is good in a way, and so is the god that I believe in.
by Gustafer October 21, 2009
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