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A tactic used by men to acknowledge and call attention to an attractive female, while appearing to find them disgusting or unclassy. It is usually employed around the guy's female significant other, or female friends, or even superiors so that he may admit to noticing a certain feature of the woman without his company passing judgement upon him. The guy will mention the feature in a sour tone, denoting how 'slutty' or 'skimpy' or 'huge' that feature might be. The man will often tend to rant about the aspect to clearly establish his distaste for it. Often followed up with a reassuring compliment to the woman / women around him.
"Honey, did you see that woman that just walked past us?"
"What, the one with the obvious boob job?"
"You can tell?"
"Please! Those things went from here to Friday. They were way too firm and high for breasts that size... Clearly not natural. Don't ever think about doing that to your body, babe. You're beautiful."
"Aww... You're so sweet~!"

"Have you seen Mark lately?"
"He's always hanging out with the chicks in his course, right?"
"Yeah! And his girlfriend doesn't seem to give a damn."
"That's Mark... He settles her anytime she brings those girls up. He's a real master of guyception."
by BigHarv January 09, 2009
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