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A little marionette prince.

A Guupi generally spends its time playing with its doll subjects, living amongst the animals, talking with flowers, and engaging in faggotry.

Doll houses are a Guupi's natural habitat, living spaces often being filled with toys, candies, pillows, cosmetics, and items that the Guupi might collect. A Guupi is a gentle, docile creature, generally keeping to itself and refraining from human interaction, but may bite when provoked. If you ever find a Guupi acting viciously towards you, simply offer it sweets and it will let you approach.
I thought I saw a Guupi the other day, but it was just a girl in a fairy costume.

A Guupi got into my house and stole all my fingerpaints!

I gave a Guupi a cupcake and now I can't get rid of it.

WHAT IS THAT GNAWING ON MY SHOULDER? .....Oh, it's just a Guupi.
by Guupi expert September 20, 2007
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