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Guttorm is a Norwegian male name.

Guttorm is simply a very rare name in Norway because the government has placed restrictions on couples' rights to call their son Guttorm. To be allowed to name a boy, or name yourself, Guttorm, the boy must first succeed in several demanding tests, such as the need to have an IQ above 140 and the requirement of scoring a 9 or better on the official 'Norwegian 1-10 attractiveness super-scale' (also known as NOR-ASS).

Hence, if anyone call you a 'Guttorm', it is meant as a fantastic compliment in terms of both high intelligence and great looks.

Consequently, Guttorm is well known as a synonym for someone being 'Awesome'.
You are so Guttorm, I can't help wanting to marry you, even though I just met you.

Dude, that's Guttorm!!!
by Nai1ian May 01, 2010
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