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A person who cant hit a straight shot in reference to a person that can not land a shot when bowling and instead receives a deep bowl into the gutter
"Your too scared to ask her out, such a gutter boy"
by StrikerLad September 08, 2019
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A child or adolescent, typically male, who has no permanent residence (a street kid/homeless child) and thus has taken to either stealing, begging, whoring or other such activities in order to earn money for the necessities of life.
John: I was walking down a back alley the other day and some gutter boy came up to me and offered me a blowjob!
Alex: Cor! ... What's a blowjob?
by Tigerlily Heart October 20, 2011
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One of minimal height and IQ. Often seen riding sidesaddle and bareback on felines. Known to be overly sensitive and female-like.
Have you seen the Gutterboy exhibit at the local carnival?
by Shovel April 06, 2005
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A witless, ignorant boob who has wet dreams about men in general and me in particular.
by CMT July 27, 2003
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