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One of the most important words of Classical German. It was once considered an acceptable substitute for 98% of all known communication. Particularly popular in Northern German cities (such as Hamburg, Bremen and Rostock), today it remains widely used as a greeting & farewell.

It's use, however, is frowned upon in Southern Germany - particularly by a subset of Bavarian society.
(here is an example of a typical conversation on road in Northern Germany)

Person one - "Gutten?"

Person two - "No - gutten'in gutten!"

Person one - "GUTTEN!!"

Person two - "Gutten'in in in'inin."

Person one - "Ah. Gutten."

Person two - "Gut Gutten."

Person one - "Gutten. Gut Gutten."
by BrownjobBob June 11, 2018
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