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A small, no traffic light, no WalMart, no chain restaurant, huntin, beer drinkin (cuz CLARK COUNTY IS WET!) backroadin city with some kickass people. Life here is what you make it, so lame people aint got a chance. We are the proud Gurdon Go-Devils, purple and gold! We're known as "dirty water" but its not true. We don't have to have boil orders like our neighbors. Gurdon is home to the International Order of the Hoo-Hoo, Jimmy Witherspoon, Tav Falco, and Daniel Davis (the butler from The Nanny)! Gurdon is more famously known as the home of the Gurdon Light! It a ghost of a railroad foreman who was brutally murdered in 1931. I've seen it several times myself and it stills scares me. If you're serious about seeing him tap on the tracks with a rock, chant "light, light, come out tonight" a few times and he'll shine for you, swing back and forth like a lantern, or if you're lucky he'll chase you!
Everyone i meet: "So where are you from?"
Me: "Gurdon"
Everyone i meet: "Oh I'm sorry"
Me: "Shiiiit. Y'all should be so lucky!"
by gspot4life May 04, 2011
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