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Guod guid is the short and very usable acronym for the longer and life inspiring phase, "Get up on dat, get up in dat."
Guod guid is a life montra that can be used as almost any part of speech and certainly in any context. It is soon the be one of the most favored words of the cast of Jersey Shore mostly because they find saying hankuna matata to outdated.

Guod guid is the gasoline that runs through our collective subconscious. It connects me to you, and you to Ali, and Ali to everyone. Take one match and guod guid this world to ashes.
I was feeling bummed out, but than Raf told me, "guod guid", and now I can't wait to seize every opportunity to get chicks, make money, look sexy, and you know, be guod guid.
by Dr. Cornelious Guod January 14, 2011
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