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To understand this word, one needs to understand the 3 words origin which Guntress derive from. Cunt, Cuntress, and Gunt. Guntress is the large woman, the worst of woman scorns, the evil step mother, or the devil-like ex gf or ex wife. She pulls every little move she can just to piss you off, to make herself look good, even tho... you're not sure how she can ever look good with that overgown muffin-top of hers... Guntress is the assholic, vicious, evil, fat bitch that no living beings should be anywhere close to.
David: My ex cheated on me, decided to leave and now wanting 1/2 of my shit that she did nothing to help us obtain.

Matt: Whoa, she is such a Guntress isn't she?

David: Indeed, bro... indeed.
by CurseOfWar May 28, 2013
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Woman that thinks she is the duchess with a damaged cunt that looks like a bad floral dress being used as labial curtains
Thats a stinking guntress, I smashed it last week and the drapes were flapping around like that bitch mrs ryan from barclays ya know "your mum"
by Florence Regina Gunt July 17, 2011
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