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GuntPunt- When a fat female is kicked (any kind of kick-dropkick, bicycle kick, roundhouse kick) in the Gunt with great force usually by surprise. The GuntPunt can be a friendly kick to the gunt, a little tap or one that destroys your insides depending on if friend or foe GUNTPUNTs you.

For those of you who do not know what a gunt is, I'm sure you can look it up on this fabulous site but I'll inform you now. Gunt is a part of the fat females body. The little pooch, that extra roll right above her vagina(C*unt) and below her gut.
Person 1 runs up to Fat Female and surprises her by kicking her in the Gunt! Person 1 then screams "GUNTPUNT!"

If the fatty female enjoyed this, she can then scream back, "I JUST GOT GUNTPUNTED!"

Person 1 can say, "I'm a Gunt Punter"

Men can also get kicked. See term: MuntPunt.
by GuntMuffin September 04, 2009
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The action of kicking a fat old lady in the fat hanging fat uteris. Part of the fun of gunt punting, is watching the fat old fat lady jiggle and fall.
by bobbt.cum February 27, 2003
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