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The act of going out, strapped (armed with heavy weaponry), with the intention to wreak complete havoc on any lands on which you traverse. Usually entails firing a deadly weapon at anything, moving or unmoving, living or soon to be dead or still and lifeless. A completely irresponsible act that will most likely render you incapacitated by a SWAT team or in jail for many years. This act tends to be the result of the combination of too much ammo laying around, too many guns laying around, alcohol, irresponsibility, and of course boredom. Note: gunclubbin is not recommended to be performed by anyone.
"Jesus, I'm wasted as hell, bored as hell, I just got like 15 boxes of ammo for my 9mm, fuck it man, let's go gunclubbin, I haven't been to jail in like a month."

"Dude, Frank got fuckin shot last night man!"
"What?!? How? Why? WTF?"
"Man, he was out gunclubbin for like two hours till SWAT tossed his salad."
"Ohhhh yeah, he was talkin about doin that the other night..."
"Yeah, well he did it."

by TheJudecca June 28, 2008
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