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Basically, any shit lord who says that we don't need gun reform

Even though America has on average more than one Mass shooting a day there are surprisingly a lot of people who will let the NRA bend them over and anally probe them with AR15s without lube.

These people are often part of racially motivated radical groups, they are probably financially invested in the NRA and they probably voted for Trump.

They're the type of person who would say "We don't need background checks", "The AR15 is the most misunderstood gun", "It's too soon to talk about this", "Let's offer our thoughts and prayers", "The KKK are an alright bunch of people", "We need more guns in the world", "Was the shooter an immigrant?", "I'm not a white supremacist but-"
Did you know Josh is a Gun Cuck? He thinks if teachers in the Parkland school were armed fewer people would have died.

Jacob thinks we don't need background checks to buy guns, what a guncuck.
by HarambeBoi May 06, 2018
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