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The stimulation and subsequent ejaculation of a man's penis by means of the sensual interaction between a man's penis and one or multiple guns (usually a hand gun). One may be performed upon one's self, but is usually done by the gun holder upon his/her lover. Gun jobs are more popular amongst the homosexual community due to the phallic nature of the gun, although still practiced amongst heterosexuals. Seldom referred to as a "GJ"
Quincy: "So I was down at the shooting range yesterday shooting my Winchester. I noticed Emma was also there. When I finished with my ammo I approached her and complimented her piece.

"That is a nice gun." I said "Shoots really well."

"That is not all it does." She said.
Then she took me into the ammo room and gave a sweet Gun Job."

Bryan: "No way."

Quincy: "Way."
by DaxFishr March 22, 2010
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The term for giving a gun a blow job. The purpose of this is mostly sadistic, the person holding the gun is arroused while watching the victim pleasure the object, also enjoying the fact they could blow the person's head off at any moment. Seen in Yaoi fanfiction/manga.
As Edward watched Jordan give that gun job he felt hot all over.
by Solo-dono March 07, 2008
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