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Home where people from all different backgrounds come together and great things result. Just like in the film "Forrest Gump". This was the official name of the home located at 52 Maple Street in Bangor, Maine. 67 different women had their dreams come true at this location. It will forever be known in Bangor as home to the "Crew".
Mandy: I had a fantastic time with this awesome guy last night. We had sex all night long!
Angie: Really, does he live here in Dexter?
Mandy: No, he lives in the Gump House!


Danielle: That was an awesome party last night at the Gump House. I had sex with all 4 of them!
Jessica: Must be nice, I'm stuck here in Old town ever since I shit on Jason during sex at the Gump House.
by Baller207 July 03, 2009
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