Code name for a girl you like without saying her name
(As she's walking by) that's a nice gum wrapper right there I say
by 37kimgdom January 18, 2017
n. the piece of paper that surrounds and protects a stick of gum; what you should put your gum in after you chew it to dispose of it politely
"Why do I need a gum wrapper if I'm just gonna stick it in yo momma's hair?"
by GaM3R5 February 4, 2010
the person who thinks he is a prince in shining armor but in reality just an egoistic man whose actions are completely opposite.

condescending person specially towards women in his life
jim is "nut in a chewing gum wrapper"he thinks he is a best thing ever happen to susan , but in reality he put her down in every aspect of life and create insecurities for her
by she devil 3 May 19, 2012