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A new name to replace the common name 'Michael' a common nickname for Michael being Mike or Mikey who many don't appreciate that name but naming one Michael is to formal so they therefore gain the name Gulando. When a Michael is renamed Gulando it is forever kept that way and that person who named the once Michael Gulando to have bragging rights to all future friends in the 'naming ceremony' of the once Michael.

Person1: Michael did you want to go to the opera house?
"Michael": Person1, please call me Mikey or Mike, Michael is to formal.
Person1: No, I don't like those shortened versions. I will call you Gulando.

6 years down the track

Person2 and Person3 do you want to hear the story of how I named Gulando, Gulando?
by AshleighSunshine April 05, 2009
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