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*Not to be confused with bass guitar amp* A guitar amp which you plug your electric guitar in. Usually, guitar amps have a guitar input jack, a headphone jack, a volume knob, an EQ (tone) knob, a overdrive (distortion) knob and an on/off knob or switch. Guitar amps usually range from practice amps (around $200) to professional amps (around $1000). Before you buy a guitar amp make sure you already purchased a electric guitar and an instrument cable.
A guitarist would be incomplete without his guitar amp!
See example here:
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by awesome_kitty July 10, 2018
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Anywhere near the guitar amp is the natural habitat for a guitar player. People that don't have guitar pedals are usually found within a 3 feet radius away from their amp. Being close to the amp is essential for those people, because they have to reach awkwardly to change their amp settings in the middle of the song.
oh shit i am fucked, my sister messed up my guitar amp's settings
by DopamineReceptors April 14, 2019
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