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When someone uses guilt to try to control your behavior. Often seen in religion, politics and social media.
"I am not liking that Facebook post. They're just using guilt control to get you to annoy all your friends and family."
A sample Facebook post using guilt control:

Like this definition if you have a heart. Ignore it if you hate god and love to watch puppies slowly drown. Don't let god and the puppies down. Or are you too chicken and faithless to like this? You're probably Unpatriotic too if you ignore this and move on to your frivolous life of frivolous things. See how many jerks do nothing while the patriotic, faithful, good people press 'like' to show the evil, godless anti-Americans what they really stand for. Stand up and like this now or sit down and let the world crumble in filth and despair.
by Butter Than Ever April 11, 2013
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