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Guido Moment - A moment where ignorance overwhelms the logic of an otherwise rational white guy. To Put it plainly, they act like guidos. Guido Moments are unpredictable, an incident as mild as bumping into someone can quickly involve into stand downs, fake threats, and the ever popular rolling up the sleeves to show off how their "guns". usually this is brought on by roid rage. Guido moments are the third largest killer behind tanning booth accidents and watching Godfather 3.

An exmaple of a Guido moment can be brought on scuffing a shoe. Usually the shoe is bought at Banana Republic or Hollister. Since the price of the shoe is so high, the average white dude ends up going crazy and seeking out the guy who scuffed it. This creates a Guido moment.

I had a Guido moment when some dude scuffed my shoe at a club in Sea Side.
by get me out of jersey February 13, 2008
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