An amazing Italian girl who will kick anyone's ass if you mess with them. They're the BOSS.
Ashley Iaquez is the best out of all the Guidettes in the world.
by KJ69 January 12, 2012
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an italian/american girl with a nice body who always wears tight pants and a tight shirt to show herself off. they are extremely hot but only date those greasy-ass bastards that act tough but are usually complete pussies.
"damn if everygirl had a body like that we wouldnt be looking at these fake guidettes.
by tightpussy0 November 24, 2009
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an italian girl who has big boobs,nice ass, and thick hair.. Talks italian mafia kind of way. Not from newjersy but from new york bitch.
Alessandra is such a guidette that she is mistaken for being in the mafia and selling drugs.
by sandrabxgurl December 14, 2003
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