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A person of mixed Polish and Italian decent, usually having an Italian father and Polish mother. They normally have brown wavy hair which is always gelled, thick eyebrows that must be groomed until the age of 45, light olive skin, big thumbs and toes, and very hairy arms and legs. Although mixed themselves, they are just as racist as a full-blooded Pole or Italian and mostly identify with other Guidaks, Russians, Greeks, and yes, African Americans, even though their full-blooded grandparents can't stand them. They are one of the most hard-headed nationalities around that will argue something to the point that you no longer even care what the issue is. A large population of them exist in LoveJoy, South Buffalo NY. Don't blast rap in these neighborhoods if you're driving through; even though the kids don't mind, their parents are all oldschool.
That guidak hooted and hollared til he was blue in the face, so I said alright, I'll make the pierogis with meat sauce instead.
by Maddmann Marius July 07, 2009
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