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Gueux is a French word.

Gueux (noun) : Is said of person with very little vertue, ridiculous actions, a neglected way of life and an absolutly negleted physical apperance due to excess of both partying and alcohol.

Gueux (adjective) : Despicable, with no value, repulsive.

Gueux (verb) : 1. Action of bringing riducule to one's self usually by excessive drinking.
2. Action of getting closer with another person under the influence of alcohol.

Gueux ''a way of life'' (expression) : Is said of a person who is so deprived, he is a daily gueux.
Gueux (noun) : - Uhn, what the hell are you wearing? When was the last time you took a shower? Damn, you're sooo ''gueux'' !!

Gueux (adjective) : Wow! The music sucks ass in here and it's too small ! This bar is too ''gueux'' for me.

Gueusing (verb) :
Sens 1 : Dude, I was so drunk yesterday I heard I was passed out on the floor. I massivly ''gueused''.
Sens 2 : Yesterday night at the bar, I ''gueused'' on that drunk chick all night.

Gueux (expression) : - Omg, not him! I hope he won't notice me. He's a real ''Gueux'' of life.
by gueuxy87 January 28, 2012
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