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A French legacy of crafty individuals from beyond the ages! An ultra charismatic, witty, sarcastic family that created the word "party". Also, known as the creators of class and definers of style. If you mess with a Guerrette you'll have a small war on your hands. A.k.a be prepared
"Wow .......... I mean really ......... wow! You sure know how to throw one Guerrette of a throw down. I mean this is the best Guerrette I've ever experienced!"


Party Goer ~ "I'm bringing Guerrette."

Party Thrower ~ "This party is about to become a convention of greatness!. You effin' rock!"

Party Goer ~ "No sir, you are wrong .... Guerrette rocks!"

Party Thrower ~ "Excuse me, excuse me, I sincerely apologize for my severe indiscretion, I grossly misconstrued the facts and apologize from within the deepest vessels of my beating heart ....... sir."
by Fyre Scraps February 04, 2010
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