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The type of sex a person might have, that is so penetratingly deep and gut-churning that it produces both a state of having one's lower chakras from root to solar plexus all temporarily unlocked, while also creating a potentially (retrospectively) humorous, but also potentially embarrassing, wet, hollow sound.
1. That empty-headed, no-ambitions-having, yeti-looking motherfucker must really be slamming down some real guck-type shit in your best friend's yoniverse for her to be wasting her time on that bullshit.

2. Awestruck, Submissive Friend: Last night, that wasn't just sex. That was something cosmic. He opened my insides up wide like the sky spreading the ocean open. All I heard was my insides going "guck, guck, guck," like receding waves sucking the land. That wasn't just sex; that was some guck-type shit.

I am eternally changed and freely opened to the world's possibilities.

Loving, Supportive but Deeply Uncomfortable Friend: o_o *leaves silently, without blinking*
by cosmically_nasty July 05, 2018
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